Coworking San Antonio is Ba-ack!

Instant Coworking

Image by chsh/ii via Flickr

Since the demise of C4 Workspace I’ve got a little bit of time on my hands. And I just loves me a little coworking! So, come on over and subscribe to the email or RSS feed to find out about the latest coworking haps in San Antonio.

Coming soon is First Friday Coworking at Firecat Studio on January 6.

Then watch for World Jelly Week announcements for the week of January 16-20. There will coworking all over town, a different location each day.


SA Coworking Tweetup Thursday, May 21

There will be the first ever, on purpose, Coworking Tweet-up this week!

Sign up at , hashtags #cowksa #twtvite.

See ya there!

Free Locations Page Update

We added a list of Casual coworking spaces to the Free Locations page with some great locations around the city. There are no scheduled coworking sessions for these spots but there’s no reason you couldn’t start one. <hint>

If you know of, or can recommend, a good coworking spot just post a comment!

What is Coworking?

This popped up from opne of my Tweeps and I thought it was worth passing along.

“Coworking 101: A Brief History” is from Web Worker Daily. It’s a little high level but points to some good resources.

The interesting thing with the coworking movement today is that it’s a little like a piece of open source software. There’s a basic framework, in some cases with great detail, but everyone mods it to fit their own situation and community. That’s a double edge sword though becasue when soneone creates a new process or great idea and it doesn’t get shared the same process or idea gets thought up and invented again.

The next wave in coworking will be some level of standardization and organization. Coworking prides itself on being organic and shaping to the community, yet organization of the knowledge around coworking is resisted. Organic and organization have the same root but are like polar opposites. Maybe organization should be called “orderization” to be true to its meaning?

Coworking featured in next week’s Express-News Startup Column

Alan Weinkrantz featured both Dean McCall’s and Todd O’Neill’s coworking spaces in next weeks StartUp column in the San Antonio Express-News.  Thanks Alan for helping to keep the coworking buzz going!

Also featured in the column were Chris McDermott, freelance web coder extraordinare and Vid Luther from Third Party Code, Your Company’s CTO.